Memphis, USA - 2011, May 3

A+P2, Kyoto (JP) - 2009, June 26 - 29th
paper, "Parsing Traps"
Architecture + Phenomenology symposium
Brussels Design Evening,Berlin (DE) - 2008, Oct10
"Surreal Brussels"
organised by Brsl Export
Technion, Haifa (IL) - 2008, July 23
"Forms that cannot be imagined", lecture
Volos University (GR) - 2008, May 23
Recent work
Tongji University, Sangai (CH) - 2007, March 18
" Forms that cannot be imagined..."
 Architopia exhibition & conference - reading
A+P1, Haifa (IL) - 2007, May 13-17
paper: "False start.What matters" - lecture: "Half way - Hyphen - Haifa"
Architecture + Phenomenology symposium
2nd European Architects Forum, Porto (PT) - 2002, May 17-18
"Architecture and architects in a neo-liberal context. Perspectives and strategies"
Bond van Nederlandse Architecten Kring Midden - Brabant, Tilburg - 2001, Oct 22
in the series, " The Architect as Researcher"
Australia lecture tour, Brisbane (AUS) -  2001, May 15
lecture "Retracings"
University of Queensland
Australia lecture tour, Adelaide (AUS) -  2001, May 14
lecture "Retracings"
School for Architecture and Design Adelaide
Australia lecture tour, Melbourne (AUS) -  2001, May 11
lecture "Retracings"
RMIT University, School of Architecture + Design
Australia lecture tour, Sydney (AUS) -  2001, May 10
lecture, "Retracings"
University of Sydney, Faculty of Architecture
Arkitektakademiet, Oslo (NO) - 2001, March 29-30
participation in the coloquium: " Materialet - form og mulighet - i tre, sten og mur"
participants: Ole Møystad, Bjørn Berge, Jon Bojer Godal, Einar Dahle, Rolf Gerstlauer, Jarle Aarstad, Bjørn Iarsen, Marco Steinberg, Georg Welle, Knut Hjeltnes, Knut Wold, Arne Johansen, Kjetil Thorsen (Snøhetta ark)

US lecture tour 2000, New York (USA) - 2000, Nov 13
lecture, "Retracings"
Pratt Institute, School of Architecture
US lecture tour 2000, Toronto (CA) - 2000, Nov 9
lecture, "Retracings"
University of Toronto
US lecture tour 2000, Syracuse (USA) - 2000, Nov 8
lecture, "Retracings"
Syracuse University, School of Architecture
Venice, First European Architects Forum - 2000, Oct 27-28
"Architecture in Europe: Competition or Co-operation?"
Academie van Bouwkunst, Arnhem (NL) - 2000, April 28
in the lecture series "Flemish Architects"
Architectural Association of Ireland, Dublin (IE) - 1998, Nov 12
lecture "Re-Tales"
ARCAM, Amsterdam (NL) - 1998, April 9
in the Capita Selecta series: "Foreign Architects about their work in the Netherlands"
participants: Neven Sidor (Grimshaw & Partners, London), Enric Miralles (Barcelona), Rob Krier (Berlin), Kim Herforth Nielsen (van Nielsen,Nielsen&Nielsen, Aarhus), Sven-Ingvar Andersson (Copenhagen), Martine De Maeseneer (Brussels)
Bond van Nederlandse Architecten Kring Midden-Branbant, Tilburg (NL) - 1996, Sept 30
Bond van Nederlandse Architecten Kring Midden-Branbant
UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles, Rolfe Hall (USA) - 1996, April 11
" A body of Work"
by Martine de Maeseneer
Woodbury University, Department of Architecture and Interior Design, Los Angeles (USA) - 1996, April 9
" A body of Work"
by Martine de Maeseneer
University of Illinois, Chicago (USA) - 1994, April 18
"In-di-visible Space" - two architects from Belgium
University of Illinois, Chicago_Henry Hall (USA) - 1992, March 31
"Informal Symposium"
participants: Greg Lynn, Bob Somol, Doug Garafalo, Martine De Maeseneer
Academie van Bouwkunst, Amsterdam (NL) - 1994, March 17
"Capita Selecta" series: Young Belgian Architects
Academie van Bouwkunst, Maastricht (NL) 1989, Nov 20
in the series "Belgian Architects - Oeuvres"